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We can't have a successful club without members.


We know that you want a way to communicate with other fans.


That you want your thoughts and opinions to be seen by key figures in the organization.


Most importantly you want discounts on all the things that you purchase from our club every year. 


Offering a Membership is just our way to give our loyal fans a median to take their fandom to the next level. 


The model is simple the more Members that join the more our Members will get both individually and as a collective group. 


If you are interested in becoming a Member and joining Copperhead Nation please click the JOIN button below.


If you need more information on what all comes with being a member check out the information below.



Get in Touch



  • 25 to 49+ Members Joined

  • Team Captian will go live in the Member Group after the public Coaches 'Chalk Talk' every Thursday training sessions here in the preseason.



  • 0  to 25+ Members Joined


  • Members Man of the Match Vote (Weekly)


  • Members MVP Vote (Yearly) which comes with an end of season payment.





  • 25 to 49+


  • Members MVP will go live in the Member Group after the public Coaches Chalk talk every Thursday night here in the preseason.



  • 50 to 100+ Members


  • At the end of March, our Copperheads RLFC Member Group gets to pick the final design for our following season.

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