Off-Season Sponsorship Matrix

Updated: May 10, 2019

It's simple the bigger your commitment is to us the bigger our commitment is to you. Plus the benefits Compound as you level up.

So if you become a Platinum Sponsor you get to not only take advantage of all the other benefits from all the lower packages like..

  • doing as many promotional trades as you possibly want

  • doing as many non-cash gifts exchanges you want

  • having a spot on our training shirts

  • joining our sponsorship directory

  • getting to back an individual player of your choice

  • being mentioned at every live event

  • being seen across all of our digital media and social channels

  • being featured on any podcasts or video shows we produce

  • displaying your signage at all of our home games

  • having access to our Coaches, Top players, group of players, and our whole team to help promote your brand across your own digital, audio, video, and print medians

Then as you go down the Matrix the amount of opportunities you have to co-brand with our club goes down as well as visually represented below.

If you are ready to go a head and select your package please click here.

(See below for Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: What if I want to pick and chose certain things from each of the packages to come up with my own custom package?

A: We are always open to building custom packages however the packages are going to be the most cost effective options.

Q: What if I miss the April 15th 2019 deadline to submit my payment or logos?

A: Your business logo will not appear on the merchandise, however, once your payment is submitted you will begin to receive all of the other benefits of the corresponding package.

Q: What if another business beat me to the punch and took the spot I wanted on your game jersey?

A: We can look to other open spots on our game jersey and placement on other pieces of merchandise to place your logo in a fair and equitable manner.

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