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ANNOUNCMENT: Roderigus Ceasar - GM/Head of Player Personnel

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Roderigus Ceasar, part owner of the Copperheads RLFC, has committed to leading the domestic and exempt player recruiting process as our GM/Head of Player Personnel.

Roderigus will work to get player commitments for players permanently residing in the US for the upcoming season.

Keep an eye out for Roderigus' new 2022 player bios which will appear periodically on the Copperheads website and social media outlets once players confirm plans to join the club.

Roderigus will get hands on with the recruits by coordinating housing for any of these folks looking to relocate to the SWFL area that are interested in playing with the Copperheads this season.

Ceasar will also liaise with the Copperheads business community and help any of our recruits that are relocating to the area find jobs, if needed, as well.

Roderigus' personal goal is to get over 15 players to start the off-season Rugby League conditioning sessions each Wednesday starting April 6th. Then to get over 30 players to our first pre-season practice starting in May as we get ready for the Naples 9s Rugby League Tournament on the 14th.

Curtis Goddard, CEO of the Copperheads, is very happy with Roderigus’ decision to become the Copperheads GM/Head of Player Personnel. “Roderigus is a perfect fit for this role. He has one of the most extensive domestic Rugby networks in the Southern part of the United States due to his prowess on the pitch dominating 7s, 9s, 13s, and 15s circuits out of both Florida and Georgia for years. Besides most notably helping to found our club, which I will be forever grateful for, and being player #001 for the Copperheads, Ceasar is a great guy who is known and respected in our community. Roderigus has earned this respect by playing Rugby League professionally in Australia, capping for the US Men’s National Team, and consistently being chosen as a top Wing & Fullback for South Rep teams, across all codes of Rugby, for well over a decade. Now as Roderigus moves towards the end of his playing career, his desire to mentor talented young players and use his connections to help them achieve what he has over his career is Roderigus new passion, which makes him such a perfect fit for this role.”

To contact Roderigus Ceasar about playing for the Copperheads, or if you know someone based in the US that should be playing with the Copperheads, please feel free to reach out to him directly. Ceasar is available across nearly any social media platform, if that mode of communication is not for you, email and be sure to send him your or their CVs.

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