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The 5th Annual 2022 Copperheads Jersey Contest Goes Live

Naples, FL - The 2022 Copperheads Jersey kicks off today thanks to the hard work by our friends over at Phyre. The fans have 48 hours to eliminate 2 of the 8 total jerseys designed.

Each jersey is associated with a local charity and the charity associated with the winning jersey will receive a $200 contribution.

This year's 8 lucky charitable organizations are as follows (in no particular order):

1. Boys & Girls Club of Collier County

2. The Harry Chapin Food Bank

3. Golisano Children's Museum of Naples

4. Friends of Rookery Bay

5. Friends of Rookery Bay

6. Habitat for Humanity of Collier County

7. The Wounded Warriors of Collier County.

The Naples Zoo.

Last year Habitat for Humanity of Collier County survived the 4 rounds of voting and picked up the $200 from the club.

The first round of voting sees the Fans decide the top 6 jerseys shedding two.

The second round of voting sees the Playing Group vote for their top 4 jerseys losing two more in 24 hours.

The third round of voting sees the Owners Group decide the top 2 removing yet another two jerseys after 24 hours again.

Then the finally the Fans get to weigh back in and decide between the last two options available this final vote will be completed Thursday evening just before the 2022 SWFL Copperheads Sponsors Banquet on Sunday April 10th at Noon, where we will have mock-ups of next years kit with our potential sponsors logos prominently displayed for our Business community's visualization purposes.

So, if you have a favorite Jersey or a favorite Charity please vote and have your voice heard!

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