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If your group has 4 or more people available to run the Concession Stand from 30 minutes before kick off to 20 minutes after half time is over (1hr 30min), your group will get 25% of the Net Sales collected from the concession stand during that time.  

Like any of our other Game Day Volunteers you get free entry, bottled water, and can get in on the free feed at our post-game social as well.

Your group will receive the proceeds as soon as possible following the event.

Just allow for a couple business days as we have to contend with our Point of Sale System, card processor, and banking systems before the funds find their way back to you.

As a fundraising group ourselves we understand how important those dollars are to your group. We hope to provide an event and volunteer experience to your group members that they will want to keep coming back to see over and over again.

If you are interested in registering your group for this program please or want to learn a little more please click 'Contact Us' here or back on the 'Community Partnerships' landing page.

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