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Are you interested in having your child learn one of the most popular and inclusive non-contact co-ed games in the world?


Do you want former professional and international players and coaches to teach your child how to play?

The Copperheads are working with the Southwest Florida Rugby Foundation to bring Touch Rugby across Southwest Florida.


The children 12&Under will practice and scrimmage before the first three Copperheads home games (5/25, 6/15, 7/13) academy style. Then on the last home game (7/27), the kids will apply all the skills they have learned and play a touch rugby tournament.


Copperheads Players and Coaches will help the Volunteers run a skills practice. Then the kids will scrimmage right on the game field before kick-off!

The number of registrants over the first two acadamey days will help determine the number of teams and competition format for the touch tournament on July 27th.  


The first three academy days will be free for all the kids 12&Under coming through the gate. Then 50% of the parents standard $10 admission will go towards the Southwest Florida Rugby Foundation's fund to help offset the Tournament costs.


The Registration fee for the 12&Under Touch Tournament on July 27th ahead of our final game will not exceed $40 and if the parent(s) of the Children are experiencing financial hardship they may apply for a registration fee reduction or fee wavier which is to be submitted by the 13th of July (3rd Academy Session). 


If you are interested in having your child play touch rugby click the button below and please sign-up today!