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How To Buy Tickets Online

In this tutorial we will walk you through the steps of purchasing tickets on the Copperheads RLFC website.

STEP 1: Pick the game

Click on - "Learn more | Get Tix" button

STEP 2: Review Your Ticket Options

Scroll Down to Tickets

Click "More Info +" to learn about your two ticket options - General Admission or Reserved Seating

You may also review if the Party Deck Suite access ADD-ON is right for you.

Then click "Select Tickets"

STEP 3: Add Your Seats to Your Basket

Simply add either - the blue Reserved Seating option (which guarantees you that theater style seat) or click the yellow General Admission option where the metal bench seats would be.

In addition to your tickets you may also ADD-ON the Party Deck Suite for each of your tickets. This gives you access to the Buffet and Cash Bar.

Once everything is Added to your Basket click the grey "Checkout" button.

STEP 4: Complete Your Purchase

After clicking the grey "Checkout" button you will be sent to the payment page where you would complete the final two step process, remember you can't move to the second payment step until your personal details are added.

NOTE: If you where directed to buy a Reserved Seat or General Admission Ticket by a Group, Organization, or Charity you would simply input that coupon code right under the time remaining clock. 50% of the Reserved Seat or General Admission ticket goes back to that Group, Organization, or Charity.

STEP 5: Download Your Tickets & Add the event to your Calendar

Once you have successfully completed your purchase you will see the following screen with the "Order No." prominently displayed.

Then you can Click "Download Tickets" and you can also click to "Add to Calendar".

We highly recommend that you add the event to your calendar so driving directions and event information is handy.

Here is the corresponding email that you will get once the purchase is complete:

That's it you are done.

Then you can either access your tickets via download, or as attached to the email, and then simply show the Ticket Taker at the gate to gain entry.

If you purchased the Party Deck Suite ADD-ON you will need to get an armband from the Ticket Taker to access the space.

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