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Copperheads start the year off right with a win over South Florida Speed in Home Opener

In the home opener of the 2021 season, your Southwest Florida Copperheads put up a valiant effort against the newly formed South Florida Speed, comfortably winning 40-6.

SWFL rolled through the middle of the field all game, with 4 of the Copperheads 7 tries coming from the big boys up front.

Starting Prop and “Man of the Match” winner Andrew Riordan in the unsponsored #15 jumper opened up the scoring for the Copperheads, finding the line after a strong set which set the time for the Copperheads early on.

Curtis Goddard in the Roman Rock #20 crossed the line shortly after off a crash play taking advantage of the unprepared markers and A defender in the middle of the field. Goddard, weighing in at 289 pounds, was a difficult task to stop all day for the athletic but undersized South Florida forward pack throughout the game.

On debut for the Copperheads and in his first game of Rugby League, South African prop Quintus De Bruyn in the unsponsored #10 jumper constantly found work and proved to be a menace to the Speed defense, keeping the offense on the front foot, easily leading the Copperheads forwards in run meters and getting in for a try midway through the first half.

The Copperheads all time leader in points Jude Kermundu in the Morton & Wasmer Builders #3 got a meat pie of his own before halftime, cutting back against the grain and barreling through the defensive line for a tough 4 pointer.


Copperheads - 22

Speed - 0

Part 1:

Part 2:

To open up the second half, starting second row Colin O’Dell in the Key Moving #6 jumper who slid back into his halfback position mid game took a well passed ball off team Captain Arnold Mananu in the Seaside Bar and Grill #9 late in the tackle count, Finding the passing option unnecessary Colin slid past the Speed defense from 10 meters out.

Other second half tries came from Wes Piggins in the Cardio Gym #11 jersey when he created his own opportunity running hard through the middle creating a 50 meter line break which he of course dotted down for a try. Then of course Quintus De Bruyn in the unsponsored #10 jumper who burrowed in for his second try of the night right through the middle of the Speed defense.

To end the game, South Florida had a good set capped off by a try from Lukem Beaumont right through the middle of the Copperheads defense this time. Lance Cavanaugh with the Speed easily converted the kick.


Copperheads - 40

Speed - 6

Part 3:

Part 4:

Coach Roderigus Ceasar started his Rugby League coaching career in a positive manner, now 1-0 as a head coach in the USARL. “I was proud of the boys. They played tough and resilient. The mixture of club veterans and upcoming new guys was great and the game was fun to watch. Think we have a lot of potential and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do this year.”

Roderigus Ceasar's 3 point recipient was Andrew Riordan in the unsponsored #15 jumper, 2 point winner was Wes Piggins in the Cardio Gym #11 jersey, and Kevin Kermundu in the Seaside Bar and Grill #2 jumper.

Also on debut for the Copperheads was 8 debutantes starting Fullback Steven Gibb in the #23 Dorona jumper, starting halfback Wes Piggins in the #11 Cardio Gym jersey, starting lock Liam Piggins in the #13 Booty Builder top, starting winger, Elvis Circi in the unsponsored #7 jumper, hooker Lucas Speece in the unsponsored #8 jumper, Jocelyn Edouard in the unsponsored #14 jumper, Brian Orare in the unsponsored #16 jumper, and last but certainly not least South African prop Quintus De Bruyn in the unsponsored #10 jumper. All of which contributed in a major way to the result.

The two teams meet again next Saturday, this time hosted by South Florida. Details for the game to be announced this week.

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