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Heartbreaking Loss Leads to Renewed Hope

After a hard hitting game at Bonita Springs High School the SWFL Copperheads were handed their second loss of the season by the Defending National Champions, the Jacksonville Axemen, in a game that could have gone either way.

After heavy storms and narrowly escaping a rain delay, the Copperheads finally got out there and kicked it deep to start the match. Then the next 80-Minutes featured a resiliencey from the rival sides not yet seen in the history of their contests and set the tone for the rest of the game.

As they traded offensive possession, completed their sets, and played good defense in the first 18-Minutes the visiting side struck first and got the better of the Copperheads putting the first points on the board making it 6-0.

Not to be dismayed, the Copperheads answered back with a score of their own from Center Johnny Lindsey in the Southwest Florida Chimney number 5 jumper. Then the sure footed Jude Kermundu in the Morton and Wasserman Builders number 3 jersey ended up converting the kick to level the game at 6-6.

However the rest of the first half was mostly ran by Jacksonville, scoring and converting two more tries making it 18-6.

Yet the Copperheads decided to come together and fight back. With the final possession of the half the Copperheads put themselves in scoring position and took a well earned penalty in front of the sticks from 20 meters out. Thanks to the expert level kicking from Jude Kermundu in the Morton and Wasserman Builders number 3 jersey the Captain made it 18-8 before heading back into the sheds.

To start the second half, the Copperheads found themselves in scoring position and Second Row Rashad Shelton in the unsponsored number 27 jumper got under a few Axemen defenders with quick scoop play and muscled over the goal line for the four points. Then of course Jude Kermundu in the Morton and Wasserman Builders number 3 jersey made yet another kick, making it a one score game again at 18-14.

Jacksonville in typical fashion answered with a try of their own, and tacked on yet another try to maintain their lead 24-18.

However, the SWFL Copperheads regained control of the game after scoring two consecutive converted tries.

First from the big Second-Row Rashad Shelton in the unsponsored number 27 jumper who pounded it in at close range and our club's all time leading try scorer Captain Jude Kermundu in the Morton and Wasserman Builders number 3 jersey made it 26-24 with his converted kicks.

The remainder of the game finished the way it started with completed sets, relatively good attack and defense given the general exhaustion from both sides, but with only a few seconds left on the clock the arm wrestle ended with the Axemen's speedy Hooker taking advantage of a defensive breakdown on the weak side of the Copperheads defensive line with just seconds left in the game making it 30-26 with the converted try.

Roderigus Ceasar's 3 point winner was unsung hero Quintus de Bruyn in the unsponsored number 10 jumper who put nearly 80 minutes in at prop and helped control the middle of the field. The two point winner was the dynamic newcomer Rashad Shelton in the unsponsored number 27 jumper. Then last but not least Kevin Kermundu who dons the Seaside Bar and Grill number 2 jersey and was forced to play out of position in the spine.

Game Film:

After the heartbreaking loss to the Axemen the Copperheads have found a new hope that the third year club can be competitive with any team in the USA.

The Copperheads plan to take their renewed relentlessness and desire to put their body on the line for the men standing next to them into the final two home and away matches of the season against the Tampa Mayhem.

Please join us for our third and final home conference match against the Tampa Mayhem at Bonita Springs High School. Our kick-off is scheduled for 6:00 PM and our post-game social will be held at Seaside Bar and Grill in Bonita Springs, Florida upon the conclusion of the match.

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