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Play by Play Announcer and Voice of the Copperheads

Birthday: 06/21/1991

Hometown: Marengo, Illinois

Rugby League Experience: 2 Years

The Copperheads are proud to announce that Jeremy Ray will join us as our Play by Play Announcer and overall Voice of the Copperheads. He will also take own some Podcast, Blog, and Vlog Interviewing projects as well. Jeremy originally hails from Chicago Area, and has been involved in the rugby community for the last 10 years. Jeremy has a strong background in rugby and has various athletic titles and championships throughout his life over numerous sports. His Rugby career consists of Player/President of Florida Gulf Coast University Rugby, Player/Treasurer of Naples Rugby Club, Chicago Griffins Player & USARugby Elevation Training Camp resident. As a personality Jeremy has performed in multiple College Arenas/stadiums across the Country, Miami Dolphins, and Tampa Bay Bucs stadium just to name a few. This is Jeremy's second season with the Copperheads and brought his public speaking skills to the League pitch last season. We are thankful as an organization that he has agreed to resume the role as voice of the Copperheads for another season.

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